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Chicago will be getting hotter as it reaches summer and this will has a big effect on your business’s electricity consumption. As explained by Electricity Local, the average commercial electricity rate in Chicago is 4.05¢/kWh and this is just for small properties. So if you have a large commercial business building, that rate would be spiking up as in the summer season you require more power to support your HVAC system.

That’s why researching or moving to an alternative power supply is an excellent idea to save money on your electricity bills. Illinois supports the movement to sustainable and alternative energy, especially when switching to solar. They provide as much as 30% on tax credits for businesses that install solar panels on their roofs to support their power needs.

As a local solar company serving in Chicago, provides you with custom solar plans and financing options to support your commercial property power needs. Call us now to get a free commercial solar consultation and discuss your budget to install solar panels. Rest assured that we will support you all the way and keep your solar system functioning efficiently the whole year.

Protect Yourself From Rising Energy Costs & Outages with Solar Battery Storage Services

Solar storage is a service that includes a home battery unit, powered by your solar panels, able to keep your devices running for up to 10 hours during an outage. Moreover, this helps ease ‘Time of Use’ to ensure you continue saving as much as you can, even as electricity rates fluctuate during the day, guaranteeing you the lowest cost possible. Saving for the future has never been easier. Welcome to the future of home battery backup!

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Certified Commercial Solar Contractor in Illinois, Texas and Arizona

Since 2009, we have been helping Chicago’s business owners to power their business properties with renewable and clean energy. We have helped thousand of commercial properties in Illinois generate clean energy and save millions of dollars on electricity bills. Powering your HVAC system takes a big toll on your energy bills.

Now more than ever it’s essential to take advantage of solar power and switch to a cleaner and cheaper technology, especially for business owners. Take action today to save more and be eligible for tax rebate programs. We are passionate about helping your business switch to solar and are dedicated to install your solar panels smoothly and stress-free. Are you stressed by your electricity bills, increasing every year? Illinois, Texas and Arizona is known for its great amount of sunlight that can support the needs for solar power, so it’s only expected that a commercial company like is helping many business owners to switch to solar energy. Think of how much you can save when investing on sustainable energy, as well as the generous tax rebates you can take advantage of!

  • From solar planning, permit applications, power generation monitoring and solar panel maintenance programs.

  • We provide solar solutions for schools, manufacturing plants, government buildings, multi-residential buildings, supermarkets and multi-site power generation sites.

  • Ensuring your power is powering up 24/7 with the latest battery storage systems for solar power that is modified for each site needs.

Solar for Multi-Business

Are you living in Illinois, Texas or Arizona? Are you stressed by your electricity bills, increasing every year?

So this a great opportunity to move your business into a sustainable and clean energy.This states is an international hub for businesses especially on the technology front, and has been known for providing high gross domestic products, as well as being a central base of some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies. supports the Illinois program in switching to a cleaner, more suistainable energy and has been providing as much as 25% on tax credits and rebates for solar energy produced by companies or businesses. Our commercial solar company will support you every step of the way. From solar system planning, engineering and purchasing, roof positioning and even providing you with tips and maintenance services to extend your solar panels life cycle.

Move to Solar Power!

Contact us today and start converting your business into a unlimited power source. Solar panels will provide your business with power even with very little sunlight. We offer custom commercial programs to fit your business needs and budget, guaranteeing you an efficient power production. If you are one of ComEd or Nicor’s customers, they are offering tax rebate programs for businesses that switch their properties into a solar production facility or you can sell your excess solar power back to them!


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