A Guide To Deregulated Gas

Missouri is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is home to over 6 million people and has a diverse economy driven by industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors. Gas is an essential energy source in Missouri, and the state has a deregulated market, which means consumers have the power to choose their gas supplier. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best gas supplier in Missouri, including relevant statistics and figures. 

Brief History of Deregulation in Missouri: 

Deregulation of the gas market in Missouri began in the late 1990s. The main goal was to increase competition among gas suppliers, leading to lower prices and better services for consumers. The deregulation process led to the separation of the gas distribution companies from the gas supply companies. The gas distribution companies, such as Spire Missouri and Ameren Missouri, are responsible for the infrastructure, while the gas supply companies, such as Direct Energy and Constellation, are responsible for the supply of gas to consumers. 

Choosing the Best Gas Supplier in Missouri: 

With a deregulated gas market, consumers in Missouri have the power to choose their gas supplier. However, choosing the best gas supplier can be a daunting task, given the number of suppliers available in the market. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best gas supplier in Missouri: 

  1. Price 

Price is a critical factor when choosing a gas supplier. Different suppliers offer different rates, and it is important to compare the rates of several suppliers before making a decision. It is also essential to consider the terms and conditions of the contract, such as the length of the contract and penalties for early termination. 

  1. Customer Service 

The level of customer service offered by a gas supplier is another important factor to consider. A good gas supplier should have a responsive and knowledgeable customer service team that can handle inquiries and complaints effectively. 

  1. Reputation 

The reputation of a gas supplier is crucial when making a decision. You can check the supplier’s reputation by reading online reviews and checking their rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

  1. Payment Options 

Different gas suppliers offer different payment options, such as direct debit, credit card, or online payment. It is important to choose a supplier that offers payment options that suit your needs. 

  1. Additional Services 

Some gas suppliers offer additional services, such as energy-saving tips and equipment maintenance. These services can be beneficial, especially if you are looking to reduce your energy bills. 

Ongoing Projects in Missouri: 

Aside from the deregulated gas market, there are also ongoing gas projects in Missouri. One of the most significant projects is the Spire STL Pipeline. This project aims to bring natural gas to the St. Louis region and is expected to increase gas supply and reduce prices in the area. 

Another couple are:  

Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles: Missouri is making efforts to convert its vehicle fleet to natural gas. This project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help promote the use of natural gas as a cleaner fuel source. 

New Infrastructure Development: Missouri is investing in new gas infrastructure to improve delivery and increase capacity. This will help ensure a stable and reliable gas supply for consumers. 


In conclusion, choosing the best gas supplier in Missouri requires careful consideration of several factors, such as price, customer service, reputation, payment options, and additional services. It is also essential to stay informed about ongoing gas projects in the state, such as the Spire STL Pipeline, which can have an impact on gas prices and supply. With this guide, consumers in Missouri can make an informed decision when choosing a gas supplier and ensure they get the best value for their money. 

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